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COVID-19 - Book & Travel Safely with Allura Blue

By Anna Ross September, 2 2021

If you are like us, you can't wait to get back out and travel!  We can’t wait to take you on fun and safe adventures and to bring tourism back to the destinations we visit. Here you can find key information about booking & traveling with Allura Blue in during COVID times. Please don't hestitate to reach out with any questions or concerns at


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I know if my trip will take place?
    We currently intend to run all bookable departures on our website - if there are any changes, we will notify you as soon as we have that information. Trips take place as long as we can offer them safely and enjoyably.  We watch government regulations closely and communicate regularly with our partners in each destination.
  • What happens if my trip is cancelled?
    If we have to cancel your trip due to COVID restrictions, you will get a full refund of your payment. In these situations, you have the option to rebook your trip to a future travel date for free - we will apply the price of your current ticket to the price of your new trip. If you decide to cancel your booking, our cancellation fees will be applied as per the terms and conditions.
  • Is it safe to book and travel now?
    Since the health and safety of our customers and our local partners are our most important concern, we will only offer trips to destinations which are ready and able to receive guests safely. This includes abiding by all health and safety standards set by local and national authorities. Further, we constantly check the situation with our local partners on the ground in order to ensure a relaxed and enjoyable vacation.
  • What safety measures does Allura Blue take in each destination?
    All of our local partners follow the rules and health regulations determined by local authorities. In addition, our tour guides are all trained regarding COVID protection measures, carry disinfectant and activities will take place outside where it makes sense. Before your trip, we’ll brief you on local regulations, and you will also be briefed in person by your guide upon arrival.
  • What are the entry requirements for my tour destination?
    Entry requirements vary from country to country and change regularly.  For this reason, there is no general answer to this question. If you are planning to book a trip, please contact us, and we will inform you about the current status and what is needed to participate in your desired trip.
  • What happens if a vaccination against Corona is mandatory for my trip?
    Before you book a trip, please check the entry requirements for your destination on your home country’s foreign office’s website (for example, if you are a US citizen traveling from the US please check here). We will be happy to help if you are having any difficulties. If the rules change after you book but before your departure, we’ll be in touch with you to discuss. 
  • What options do I have if I don't want to go on my booked trip?
    The safety and health of our customers are our number one priority - we would never let our customers travel if there was strong evidence that it was not safe to do so.  Therefore we are in constant exchange with out partners on the ground and relevant authorities.
    Rebooking: If your trip has not been canceled, you can choose to rebook any 2021 trips for a small additional fee.  Please contact us if you wish to rebook.  You can rebook the same trip for a different travel date or opt for a different trip with one of Ventura Travel's other brands.
    Cancelling the trip: If your trip has not been cancelled by us, you can choose to cancel the trip in accordance with the cancellation fees set forth in our Terms and Conditions.  If your trip was cancelled by us, you can rebook the same trip with a different date, decide to book another trip, or receive a refund.
  • What happens to my deposit if my trip is cancelled?
    If we have to cancel a trip, we will get in touch with each customer and explain the situation. You can then rebook to another trip or get your deposit and any other payments refunded. 
  • Is my money safe with Allura Blue?
    You and your deposit are in safe hands with Allura Blue.  As a German company, we have a risk coverage certificate (“Sicherungsschein”) that guarantees that our clients’ payments are protected by a credit institution or insurance. Furthermore, as a company, we are covered for poor economic times, so we are in a position to safeguard your investment for your desired trip.
  • Do I need insurance?
    As always when traveling, we strongly recommend you purchase a travel and health insurance when booking.  This should cover your travels in case of any issues, before or during your travels.

Please don't hesitate to reach out with any further questions or concerns at