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Experience traditional Fado music in Lisbon
By Anna Ross on Sep 13, 2021 9:39:21 AM

*Photos by Rita Ansone* Fado is beautiful, traditional music played in Portugal since the early 1800s.  It was typically performed in restaurants and pubs by the working class, addressing...

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Meet Lucia, local Venetian and art historian
By Anna Ross on Sep 7, 2021 3:16:27 PM

We are excited to introduce you to Lucia, our local guide for Venice in our Experience Italy tour.

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COVID-19 - Book & Travel Safely with Allura Blue
By Anna Ross on Sep 2, 2021 2:32:29 PM

If you are like us, you can't wait to get back out and travel!  We can’t wait to take you on fun and safe adventures and to bring tourism back to the destinations we visit. Here you can...

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